Briefe aus Neuengamme
Between 1938 and 1946, a german couple writes letters to each other almost daily. He is at the frontline, she is living in Neuengamme, a village with the largest concentration camp in northwestern Germany. During that time, letters were the most important medium of communication. Everyday situations and worries were expressed through them.
Seventy years later, the couple's granddaughter found 1.600 of these letters. Surprisingly, almost the entire correspondence was intact. They were written in Sütterlin, an old german dialect, and translated to German by volunteers.
This short film was conceptualised as educational material and was made in cooperation with the Hamburg Open Online University. The dialogue consists of quotes from the original letters.
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Length: 4:26 min
Direction & Animation: Magda Kreps & Lea Marjeran
Sound Design: Eneko Equerro Gómez
Voice Actors: Antje Otterson & Tom Pidde
Supervision: Björn Verloh & Dr. des. Christine Hartig
HAW Hamburg 2017
Festival of Animation, Berlin 2018
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